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Learning, from each other and from the best subject matter experts available, were essential building blocks of economic growth identified by nearly 300 CMOs during the 2020 Global CMO Growth Summit.  This CMO Executive Forum featuring Dr. Kyle Dropp, co-founder and president at global data intelligence firm Morning Consult, delivered.

Drawing on real-time data collected from 30,000 participants around the world, Dr. Dropp shares insights on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the 73 million strong Baby Boomer segment.

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  • Boomers are less comfortable than younger adults in returning to many leisure activities.
  • Boomers have seen larger declines in confidence and spending during the pandemic.
  • The pandemic has opened the door to behaviors Boomers hadn’t otherwise considered.
  • Unlike younger generations, however, the pandemic is not the formative event in the lives of Boomers

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