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Positive Impact on Society & Sustainability

From their June 2016 launch at the White House, #SeeHer is changing how women and girls are portrayed in media. Their proprietary measurement tool is the industry standard for identifying and eliminating unconscious bias in advertising and programming. Activate Now.

Sustainable Brands is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide. Their goal is to inspire, engage, and equip business leaders and practitioners who see social and environmental challenges as an essential driver of brand innovation, value creation, and positive impact. Activate Now.

Free the Work is a database that encourages the world of TV, filmmaking and music to employ a more diverse talent base. It aims to increase the numbers, not only of women, but of “trans identifying, non-binary and underrepresented creators” involved in all aspects of film making. It provides curated playlists of global talent and recommends talent to users. Activate Now. 

The ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) was created to provide corporations with viable solutions for growth by targeting various growing multicultural and inclusive market segments so they can realize their full potential. Activate Now.

The ANA’s Center for Brand Purpose advances a brand’s reason to exist beyond profit. Get inspired with education, guidance, and leadership for purpose-driven marketing. Activate Now.

Through The Lion’s Share, the corporate world can now make a contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation, habitats, and animal welfare. A simple way to make a powerful difference. Activate Now.

16 of the world’s leading advertisers announced the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, an unprecedented, global collaboration with agencies, media companies and platforms, and industry associations to rapidly improve digital safety.

With nearly 3.8 billion people online, the world is increasingly connected, and yet the increase in dangerous, hateful, disruptive and fake content online risks threatening our global community.  Members of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media recognize the role that advertisers can play in collectively pushing to improve the safety of online environments. Together, they are collaborating with publishers and platforms to do more to address harmful and misleading media environments; and to develop and deliver against a concrete set of actions, processes and protocols for protecting brands. Find Out More.

Brand Innovation, Creativity & Experience

Putting people first. That’s the formula for growth today. And the pathway to achieving this is through brand innovation and creativity driven by insights. Technological innovation has produced profound societal and industry changes, molding a world where everything is connected. In this new era, what will be the value of your brand? Re-establish the foundational tenets of brand building using creative ideas informed by rich, proven, human insights gathered by ANA, Cannes Lions, and WARC. Activate Now.

MASB, the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, brings together marketers, measurement and media providers, industry associations and business academics for the common goal of increasing the contribution of the marketing function through the development of accountable marketing standards and practices that drive business growth. MASB will delve into the practices underlying the development and management of ideal measures as well as those practices utilized to create knowledge, determine causality, and apply to process management for improved return. Activate Now.

Talent & Marketing Organization

The AEF is the bridge that connects the advertising, marketing and academic communities. Together they educate and inspire the next generation of talent while advancing the understanding of marketing and advertising in society. They create and distribute educational content to improve the understanding and appreciation of the societal role of advertising and marketing through their programs on college campuses across the country. These programs have continuously played a role in attracting high quality college graduates to our industry. In 2015, the AEF joined the Association of National Advertisers as their educational foundation. Activate Now.

The ANA Marketing Training & Development Center equips thousands of members with the skills they need to advance their careers, increase the capabilities of their teams, and enhance their brands through on-demand training, on-site corporate training, workshops, and more. Activate Now.

The CMO Growth Workshop is a series of full-day workshops for CMOs to immerse themselves in the most essential development needs that will help them become stronger growth champions inside their organizations and in the industry. The workshops will be held three times in the US and twice globally.  The sessions will be led by Jim Stengel, with participation of world-leading experts. The program launch is expected for late Q1, early Q2 2020.

Data & Technology

Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) is a first-of-its-kind cross-industry accountability program to create transparency in the business relationships and transactions that undergird the digital ad industry, while continuing to enable innovation. A joint marketing-media industry program, TAG was created with a focus on four core areas: eliminating fraudulent digital advertising traffic, combating malware, fighting ad-supported Internet piracy to promote brand integrity, and promoting brand safety through greater transparency. TAG was created by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and works collaboratively with companies throughout the digital ad supply chain. Activate Now.

Privacy for America will work with Congress to support enactment of comprehensive federal consumer data privacy and security legislation. They have outlined a  bold new paradigm for a national law that would make personal data less vulnerable to breach or misuse and set forth clear, enforceable and nationwide consumer privacy protections for the first time. Activate Now.

The Mission of the MRC is to secure for the media industry and related users audience measurement that is valid, reliable, and effective. The MRC accomplishes its objective by setting standards and conducting audits performed by an independent CPA firm to verify compliance with their. standards. The MRC Standards are recognized by the industry as the MRC Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research© and relate to ethics, operations, disclosures and electronic delivery. Activate Now.

Thanks to real-time social media and instant information, a brand disaster – ranging from ad placement near illegal or offensive content to association with digital criminals – can translate into an immediate loss of sales and long-term damage to customer relationships.

The Brand Safety Institute was founded to professionalize and advance the executive capacity needed at every company to protect their brands through research, accreditation, networking, and education. By accrediting Brand Safety Officers and providing them with relevant information, expertise, and connections, the Brand Safety Institute will help a community of brand leaders safeguard both their own brands and the broader digital advertising supply chain. Activate Now.

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