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Based on the demand from CMOs around the world for real time insights into shifting consumer behavior, the ANA has partnered with The Harris Poll to present this exclusive look at the implications from the past six months of data.

Originally presented to CMOs on Thursday, August 27, 2020, by John Gerzema, CEO at The Harris Poll, and Ryan Linder from MDC Partners, this presentation takes a behind-the-scenes look at insights through 23 weeks of COVID-19 tracking and used to inform the CDC. Here is what is covered:

  • Implications for CMOs related to how consumers are feeling about their expectations for work, travel, daily activities, shopping, and socializing.
  • Plus – A deep dive on how GenZ and Millennials feel about corporate reputation from an exclusive Harris Poll survey conducted in partnership with the CDC.
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In addition to the presentation, The Harris Poll also provided a companion document that takes a look back to examine how the American lifestyle has adapted, how opinion and attitudes have shifted, how this might impact the way we live, moving forward.

Click here to download the special insight report now.

This event was a special presentation of the ANA Masters Circle “Brands 4 Humans” initiative. Brands 4 Humans is exclusively for a limited number of chief marketing officers representing a diverse community of brands around the world. It features renowned subject matter experts, like The Harris Poll, sharing the most current insights and discussing topics, challenges, and trends related to the unique role that BRANDS can play in driving economic and social growth in the short, and long-term.

To learn more about ANA’s CMO Masters Circle or Brands 4 Humans, please reach out to us at

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