12 Point Growth Agenda

Inclusion & Equality


Every CMO has a responsibility to champion the accurate portrayal of women and girls in ads and to portray diversity in their own marketing. CMOs are encouraged to join the #SeeHer initiative to reduce/eliminate conscious and unconscious bias by 2020. #SeeHer will provide marketers with customized, measureable processes (GEM Scores) to empirically remove gender bias from ads while identifying programming/content that improves context for delivering such ads. This is a major win for the industry and for brands.

Concurrently, CMOs also know that U.S. demographics have dramatically changed, but many are ill-equipped to adapt brand and marketplace strategies to turn that change to their advantage. ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) was created to effectively reinvent the “total market” strategy, elevate the case for strategic change, reboot inclusiveness, promote diversity, and improve multicultural marketing metrics and analytics. The successful pursuit of these strategic platforms are the basis for enhancing any brand’s business growth while creating a lasting impact on society.