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In 2016, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) launched SEEHER, a movement for increasing accurate portrayals of women and girls in marketing, advertising, media, and entertainment. SEEHER developed GEM™ (Gender Equality Measure™) to uncover unconscious gender bias in advertising and programming. This measurement was recognized by the industry, and in 2017, it received ESOMAR’s highest honor for effectiveness. GEM is widely considered the “gold standard” for measurement.
SEEHER partnered with IRI to analyze sales data of GEM with layers of shopper, panel and store sales data from IRI Lift, along with viewership data, to learn the sales impact of a GEM-scored ad campaign and which
networks/publishers have the highest sales impact.
From this body of work, GEM Lift was created.

Women influence more than 85% of consumer goods purchases. With women’s consumer power, today’s advertising should align with the real world. There is substantial proof that doing so increases a company’s
bottom line. Read the case study below.

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