12 Point Growth Agenda

Measurement & Accountability


Facts, data, and reliable measurement systems are the foundations of high-quality brand and media decisions. Yet our entire ecosystem lacks the capacity, transparency and capability to elevate the standards of effective management. “The CMO Measurement Mandate” is the ANA’s strategic force behind this imperative. 

The ANA invites CMOs to leverage its Data Analytics Center (DAC) and its new Data Marketing and Analytics Division. They will become the industry’s standard-setting bodies to engineer improved business system protocols for data management, analytics, and accountability and provide overarching governance. The ANA will be instrumental to opening walled gardens and non-transparent data systems while developing industry-accepted cross-platform analytics. 

ANA has critical investments to expand our initiatives in the following areas:

• Cross Platform Measurement Protocols in conjunction with the MRC

• Walled Garden Accreditation

• Competitive Reporting for Impressions – mirroring what happens in legacy Media

• Marketplace governance – this is, perhaps, the most profound as we find that the industry lacks a critical voice to identify what is absolutely necessary to “improve business and brand decision making”. ANA will seek to acquire the reins of the industry to make this a reality – and demand change through the lens of the marketer