12 Point Growth Agenda

Media & Supply Chain


Less than 40 percent of a CMO’s digital media investment reaches their intended target audience. This represents more than $20 billion of marketing waste, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness. The ANA Masters Circle is aggressively pursuing a portfolio of pathways to elevate the productivity of the supply chain. It is imperative that CMOs find ways to reduce complexity and streamline the digital pathways that reach from the marketer to the consumer. The ANA Masters Circle is working to evolve the LUMAscape and restore common sense management to an unruly digital media business system. To that end, ANA is working with Trust X (a division of Digital Content Now) to create a digital supply chain that is fraud free and 100% viewable – which will substantially reduce the Ad Tax

Ad-ID (ad-id.org), a joint venture of ANA and the 4A’s, is the industry standard coding system for advertising assets. More than 3,000 advertisers and over 700 agencies are using Ad-ID. Ad-ID is also integrated with a growing list of more than 20 industry vendors.

Ad-ID streamlines video advertising trafficking by making it more efficient, reliable, measurable, and accountable. Benefits include:

  • Enables the scheduling, tracking, measurement, and reconciliation necessary for revenue growth in emerging areas, including OTT, cross-platform campaigns, addressable TV, and the implementation of programmatic buy/sell campaigns.
  • Reduces the risk of commercial error. With hundreds of thousands of ads distributed across many channels and platforms, a single, standard commercial identifier reduces the potential for costly scheduling errors.
  • Ad frequency can be monitored and controlled, as Ad-ID enables insight into ads served by third parties.
  • Money can be saved on digital storage costs, as the same digital ad asset is often delivered and stored up to 25 times.
  • Streamlines workflows.
    • Ad-ID offers APIs and integrations with many other important partners in the advertising ecosystem.
    • Metadata within Ad-ID can be accessed by stakeholders to improve both audience and contextual targeting.
    • Without Ad-ID, an asset’s identifying information may be rekeyed up to 20 times from the moment an advertiser gives approval to create an ad to the time the ad is published and invoiced. This leads to duplication of effort, increases the likelihood of human error, and increases costs.
  • Ad-ID has a field in VAST 4.1 ad XML, so the ad can be tracked across the ad tech supply chain.
  • Allows for the archive and easy retrieval of information about an advertiser’s commercial units.
    • Prevents duplication of codes
    • Path to improved campaign measurement
    • Allows for management of ad collision and reach de-duping