12 Point Growth Agenda



CMOs universally agree that talent is a brand’s most important asset. However, the dearth of talent coming from academia combined with the inadequate training and development at marketers and agencies substantially limits brand and business performance. The ANA has placed its full weight behind the goals of inspiring and elevating the quality of talent from the university system and developing skills for existing employees. The ANA invites CMOs to join its newly-formed Talent Forward Alliance. 

This organization combines the assets of three existing platforms to elevate our capabilities to find and develop talent and to drive business and brand growth. Those platforms are:

ANA’s Marketing Training and Development Center – This group focuses exclusively on the training and development of more than 5,000 professional executives – and is expanding to support the training needs of the global community through a network of 150 courses and a new certification program to be launched in 2019  

ANA’s Educational Foundation – The foundation serves as the bridge between academia and the marketing community. The primary focus is to provide forums for facilitating the academic transformation for curriculum overhaul, and educate the professor community on the current state of applied marketing

ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center – This is the source of the very best content that our industry has and serves to keep all of ANA’s membership growing with more than 10,000 units of content and case histories