12 Point Growth Agenda

Brand Safety & Ad Fraud


There is zero tolerance for any brand being part of criminal-related activities. Today’s technological underpinnings introduce subversive elements that can undermine brand safety and enhance the opportunities for the theft of a brand’s precious media investments. ANA’s 2019 plans include:

• Electrify future focused pathways to leverage innovative marketing platforms. Strategically connect ANA’s Marketing Futures Program with the Growth Council and curate a library of world-class case histories – developed specifically for CMO’s.

• Release of the joint ANA / White Ops Study on Ad Fraud in May 2019. This will be the fourth study released in the last five years.

• Increase ANA’s integration with TAG – the Trustworthy Accountability Group that ANA co-founded. This groups track record is outstanding – with fraud being diminished to 1.2% for all digital spend going through its certified network.

• Socialize the assets and capabilities of the industry’s Brand Safety Institute – which is currently in formation.