12 Point Growth Agenda

Trust & Transparency


ANA will be creating the Transparency Consortium – a group of organizations and companies to report on the state of transparency and share much needed current knowledge with marketers / CMO’s.

This subject needs to be consistently activated. Why? Because CMOs operate in the most non-transparent marketing ecosystem in our industry’s history. The willingness to trade transparency for digital and technological innovation needs to be pushed to the past. Non-transparency breeds inefficiency through poor business decision-making. The ANA Masters Circle invites all marketers to join the Transparency Consortium to elevate transparency as a cornerstone strategy across all marketing, agency management, and media platforms. Recent ANA studies and playbooks that highlight poor industry transparency practices include:

• Create playbooks that will helps CMO’s structure their organizations as engines of innovation and creativity that drive enterprise business growth. 

• Media Transparency

• Programmatic Transparency

• Production in the U.S.
Advertising Industry

• Viewability through the 3MS
initiative, led by the Media Rating Council